Moving or staying?

What are your accommodation plans for the next year? Do you like your place and you are planning to continue staying in the same place of you are quite disappointed and you need a change? Maybe you are moving for an internship abroad. It is almost the end of the third quarter and it is more than recommended to make accommodation plans for next year because of the classical difficulties!

We all know that The Netherlands is a small country with a lot of population regarding regarding its size. Its land area is only 41,543 square-meters and more than 18% of that is covered by water. So, seriously there is no space for the Dutch to build new houses. From my point of view, this is pretty clear. When I cycle from Delft to The Hague and vice versa crossing Rijswijk I understand that there are no borders between the three cities. Just beautiful packed small houses all around my route.

Not to mention that, at least TU Delft takes into account all the difficulties and tries to provide the change for students leaving far away from Delft (The Hague, Rijswijk or Schiedam) to find a better place closer to the campus. If you are living in one of the cities mentioned above you probably received an email asking you if you would like to move of not. If you replied ‘yes’ then you are already in a list for potential available places in the city Delft. Moreover, TU Delft organized a survey in order to collect data regarding the housing preferences, problems and any kind of accommodation issues that students face. Again, you probably have received an email about this survey, open it, fill in this survey and help for this problem to get solved.

In conclusion, either you will continue to exploit TU accommodation services or you plan to find a place on your own, you can find a lot of offers this period. So, be smart and start searching on time! Time is money and a cozy dorm is “most wanted”!

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