~After one year~

Almost one year leaving abroad has passed. Now it is time for vacation, traveling and tons of chilling. However, many friends ask me “How was life abroad so far? Did you expected what you experienced and would you dare to do it again?”. Such questions are quite common and this blog will aim to answer them helping people who may think to study or work abroad in the near future.

I will start saying that living abroad is not at all easy, it is a big and difficult step or to be honest a jump. Personally, I missed a lot these 10 months. Food, weather, friends and family are the things most of you would expect to mention first. Well, you are true but I would add the everyday way of life in my country. As a results the first months were difficult. All these difficulties started to go away when I made new friends from all around the world. So, I would say that this sharing of cultures made me feel comfortable and everything started to fit automatically.

To continue with, not to mention that academic and working experience is valuable and important. However, the most valuable thing that someone leaving abroad gains is dealing with difficulties, facing the unpleasant truth and tackling problems. This is because you are mostly alone, but this procedure makes you tough, strong and fills your inventory with weapons and experiences.

The above paragraphs maybe were a bit nasty making you have weird thoughts. That was the “dark” part. The bright part starts now!! Well, living abroad gives you the chance to realize how small and limited was your world before doing that step. Also, you travel easier because you have more chances especially if you are in the heart of Europe. Even if you miss your traditional home food, you try new tastes that you never had the chance to try before! You develop your mindset and you through away many taboos and fears. Also, pointing out how different you are comparing to other nations, helps you to love yourself more accepting in the meanwhile other people’s differences. Open-mind here you GO! Moreover, because you miss lots of things you appreciate them more when you have them back. To continue, opportunities are there and are waiting for you, jobs, relationships, studies and trips. Go for them and do not look behind asking why, how etc.

Dear reader of this amazing blog, if you like traveling, adventure and life changing experiences do the big step. Always remember what you leave behind and be always prepared to return. Do not make very long term plans and let your decisions and circumstances to flow. Enjoy the summer, the sea and have fun with new people as much as possible!


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