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The quarter of the new academic year has already started and the academic community focuses on the new-comers. However, some “old” guys have to continue what they probably left incomplete from the previous academic year or to deal with their new responsibilities. If you are one of them, you may need to take some more courses or finish previous ones, start a new project or an internship. Maybe you are a “rock star hero” and you are already working on your thesis. Except the last unusual case, you had to make a decision: internship, an extra project in your faculty or more courses. Sorry if I remind you unpleasant memories.

My choice was to apply for an internship and I am going to explain why I think is the best option. If someone had no chance to work in his field of studies as much as he wanted, the internship gives a first intensive flavor of how the everyday routine is when you are a professional. Maybe a student has an extensive arsenal of knowledge and skills which he never applied for a very big project or purpose. The internship gives him the opportunity to prove that he can cope with guidelines from mentors and supervisors while dealing with everyday, weekly and monthly progress meetings. Also, being at least 8 hours per day in the environment of a company, gives you the chance for socialization and further mixture of academic knowledge and soft skills.

Someone would doubt about the benefits in aspects of new learning goals when someone makes the aforementioned choice. From my point of view, so far in my internship there was no day in which I did not learn something new regarding my field. Another benefit I would like to mention is the fact that you got paid and you can cover some of your monthly expenses. Here in the Netherlands the salary is not as large as someone could expect, but the benefits cannot be measured with money. After all, if one of your goals is to gain some money you can choose an internship abroad staying for a while in countries like Germany, France, UK etc (however gaining money must not be of high priority at this moment).


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